Example Email Message

Sent Monday morning of Week 9:

Time to have a say in your education!  Evaluate your [current quarter] courses and professors!

Your online evaluations link is below. You have until 8:00 a.m. Monday, [DATE] to complete these evaluations (no exceptions). Links will expire at that time.

   (personal link here)

Complete all your evaluations and receive a link to exclusive coupons for places on campus!

Visit cape.ucsd.edu or click on the Evaluation tab in the schedule of classes to view past CAPE data.

Evaluations are used by your fellow students and by departments for assessing teaching. Please provide thoughtful and constructive comments. Professors will have the opportunity to see these evaluations after grades have been posted. As always, your input is anonymous.

Several reminders will be sent until all your evaluations have been completed.

Please note: The link from our email is the ONLY way to access your evaluations!

Please help UC San Diego's Course and Professor Evaluations (CAPE) continue the strong tradition of providing student feedback on courses and professors.

Thank you!!

[Current Director]
UC San Diego CAPE (Course and Professor Evaluations)

Have a say in your education!